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Bring Transparency and Efficiency to Your Budgeting Process

Creating an annual budget book has traditionally been inefficient and far from collaborative. You sort through emails, combine endless spreadsheets, and bring everything into a Word document, only to add an image or chart that throws off the layout of hundreds of pages.

That is why Software Solutions has teamed up with ClearGov to offer a full range of cloud-based solutions for managing local government budgets and seamlessly communicating them with constituents through transparency. 

View our on-demand webinar to see how Software Solutions and ClearGov are increasing both efficiency and transparency in the local government budgeting process. Hosted by:

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Dennis Maher

Account Manager
@ ClearGov

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Matt Parks

Product Manager
@ Software Solutions

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Stephanie Bergman

Marketing Manager
@ ClearGov

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Danielle Bergey

Marketing Manager
@ Software Solutions

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Grant Halsey

Director of Sales & Marketing
@ Software Solutions